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Meet the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals by gaining the skills to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems.

What You’ll Learn in Security Analyst Nanodegree

Security Analyst

Estimated 4 months to complete

You’ll master the skills necessary to become a successful Security Analyst. Learn to identify, correct and respond to security weaknesses and incidents. Plus, get hands-on experience monitoring network traffic, analyzing alert and log data, and following incident handling procedures.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Experience with Python, SQL, security fundamentals, database design, and networking and operating systems.

A well-prepared student should:

  • Be able to use Python as scripting language and SQL in order to run queries from Log data.
  • Be familiar with security fundamentals including core security principles, critical security controls and best practices for securing information.
  • Be knowledgeable in database design, large database systems, networking and operating systems.
  • Have experience using Unix or Linux command line
  • Have a basic understanding of client-server architecture
  • Have familiarity with reading and creating simple network architecture diagrams

Fundamentals of Defending Systems

In this course, you will begin your exploration into the role of a security analyst. You will learn about the core principles and philosophy that drive work in the security field. Then, you will discover physical, logical and administrative controls, their industry recognized frameworks, and how to apply them to secure a network, system or application. Lastly, you will apply security concepts to create defensible, resilient network architecture.

Project – Planning for Security Controls

In this project, you will assume the role of a security analyst working on the infrastructure team for a sample company. You will receive detailed sample technical schematics for how they manage their internal information systems and will be tasked with evaluating the company’s business structure and needs, assessing their security controls, and making recommendations to improve their security program. As the company evolves to meet security challenges, you will be asked to design a deployment plan for incorporating new controls and new technologies to ensure its viability and long-term success.

Analyzing Security Threats

In this course, you’ll start by exploring the current threat landscape and identifying both threats and threat actors that organizations face. You will learn about the OWASP Top 10 and that they pose a critical threat to organizations. Then, you’ll learn all of the ways to mitigate threats, including the OWASP Top 10. Lastly, you’ll learn what threat modeling is and build your own threat models.

Project – Insecure Juice Shop

Udajuicer is the biggest juice shop in the world, and you’re going to help them analyze their new online application. In this project, you’ll work to identify the threat actor and attack that is taking down their website. From there you will perform a threat assessment, analyzing their architecture, and then building a threat model. You will then perform a vulnerability analysis to identify OWASP vulnerabilities and then exploit those vulnerabilities yourself. Afterwards, you will conduct a risk analysis and build a mitigation plan for all of the threats and vulnerabilities discovered.

Assessing Vulnerabilities and Reducing Risk

In this course, you will learn how security analysts address system vulnerabilities in order to reduce organizational risk. You will first learn about vulnerabilities, their characteristics and their dynamic lifecycle. You will then explore the ways analysts assess vulnerabilities, including reviewing and administering scanning tools and utilities. You will learn how to measure the risks associated with discovered vulnerabilities. Lastly, you will review ways to communicate risk in order to plan remediation and mitigation activities.

Project – Juice Shop Vulnerabilities Report

In this project you will execute a vulnerability assessment, prioritize risk and communicate findings to stakeholders and leadership. You will receive a purposefully flawed and vulnerable web application. As you assume the role of a security analyst, you will execute any number of vulnerability detection utilities and scans of your choice against this web application to determine its flaws. Then, you will perform a vulnerability assessment and a risk analysis. Finally, you will communicate your analysis of system vulnerabilities by creating an executive report suitable for executive leadership.

Monitoring, Logging and Responding to Incidents

In this course, you will discover the importance of incident detection and use the Snort Intrusion Detection System to automatically generate alerts based on suspicious network traffic. You will learn to analyze automated alerts for false positives and determine if they represent a real security threat. You will analyze network traffic using Wireshark and capture live traffic using tcpdump. You will also use Splunk to search and correlate security log data across multiple sources. Finally, you will follow incident handling procedures to respond and recover from security incident scenarios.

Project – Intrusion Detection and Response

In this project, you will be acting as a security analyst, filling in for an analyst on vacation. You’ll be provided with a network diagram, incident handling playbooks, and network log and host log data to analyze. During your network log analysis, you’ll uncover a security incident. You’ll use Wireshark to dive deep into the data to understand the scope of the issue and follow the appropriate incident handling playbook to handle the issue. You’ll develop an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) rule to help alert on similar malicious network traffic and create Splunk dashboards and reports to further identify events of interest.

Cybersecurity Analyst is one the top 20 fastest growing roles, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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