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Meet the growing demand for security architects and learn the skills required to advance your cybersecurity career.

What You’ll Learn in Security Architect Nanodegree

Security Architect

Estimated 4 months to complete

You’ll master the skills necessary to become a successful security architect. Learn core strategies and implementation elements of security infrastructure design and management at an enterprise level.

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Prerequisite knowledge

Linux and AWS.

A well prepared student will be familiar with Linux and AWS and have some experience conducting administration with those platforms. Specifically, students should be able to:

  • Set up a Linux server and perform system configuration/management
  • Set up a cloud environment and perform cloud configuration/management
  • Understand networking, cloud, and hardware systems relevant to courses being taught (e.g. if a course teaches on Linux security, students should know the basics of how Linux works) including: Experience with networking, cloud, and Linux systems, experience with common networking protocols (HTTP, TCP, DNS, SSH) and familiarity with client-server architecture
  • Identify the different encryption protocols (AES, RSA, PGP)
  • Review, implement, and modify code using Python
  • Accurately use general cybersecurity terminology to describe threats (e.g. Exploit, Vulnerability, Malware)

Security Architecture Planning & Design

This course introduces the fundamental security planning, design, and systems thinking concepts that are used throughout security architecture. As networks and applications grow more complex, the need to identify potential sources of weakness that are a product of that complexity becomes crucial. Students who complete this course will be equipped with the skills to identify and evaluate risks in systems, assess whether or not risks are acceptable, and work alongside stakeholders to prioritize remediation efforts.

Project – Conduct an Application Security Review

Conducting application security reviews is an important part of planning, building, and deploying secure systems. As part of a security process, we conduct a technical security assessment for each newly deployed application or service. For applications that haven’t had a security review, your job includes making sure they meet the standards of the organization. In this project, students review a customer information management system (CIMS) for security vulnerabilities and write up their findings in a technical report.

Enterprise Identity and Access Control

Identity and access control management is fundamental to the security of any organization. This course introduces the fundamentals needed to create and implement access control within an organization. Specifically, this course teaches the fundamentals of managing access control within cloud environments such as AWS. Students who complete this course will be equipped with the skills to design, implement, and enforce access control using different access control models. In doing so, they will be prepared to implement access control that is maintainable and aligns with the principle of least privilege.

Project – Architecting IAM Implementation with Enforcement

Creating and enforcing a role structure is critical to the success of access control within an organization. In this project, we implement a role structure with policies that will be evaluated and enforced. Using an access control matrix that outlines the appropriate roles, resources, and actions to be implemented, we will create the role structure within AWS. We will ensure that least privilege is maintained by evaluating the access defined in the policies to ensure that it aligns with the access defined in the matrix. Upon implementation of the policies and permissions, we will be leveraging AWS Config to evaluate IAM policies to ensure that our organizational requirements are maintained.

Infrastructure & Network Security Architecture Planning & Design

This course covers infrastructure and network security concepts essential for designing and implementing secure infrastructure. Complex infrastructures can have multiple moving components connected over a network. A multi-layered security architecture is required to provide complete visibility of system and service behavior. This course covers aspects of architecting and building security alerting and monitoring services that are scalable throughout the enterprise.

Project – Watertight Security

The Water & Power Organization (WPO) audits and maintains the billing and usage of its customers with an application that allows its field agents to upload the picture of the meters attached in customers’ houses. Lately, WPO engineers started noticing a lot of binary files getting uploaded through the application which are actually malware files. It is possible that either someone is deliberately trying to attack the application by uploading malware files or one of the field agent’s devices is infected and is being used to target WPO’s application. As a security architect, you have been called onboard to help improve the overall security of the service and mitigate possible disruption to WPO and its customers.

Incident Response & Business Continuity Architecture Planning, Design & Implementation

This course introduces the fundamental incident response planning, design, and architecture concepts that are used in the cloud. As cloud solutions grow more complex so must the related incident response capabilities. Students who complete this course will be equipped with the skills to plan, design and execute a strong set of foundational cloud incident response capabilities.

Project – Incident Response and Business Continuity for Micro-Assurances

It is your first day as the Incident Response and Business Continuity Manager for a small insurance company called Micro-Assurances. They have a small but important deployment in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and this deployment supports their primary business function which is processing insurance policy claims. If both of their servers are unavailable the company will incur fines, lose customers and possibly have to shut down. An Architecture Diagram was provided to you depicting a Public Facing AWS Elastic Load Balancer, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP) server in a primary availability zone and LAMP server in a secondary availability zone. In addition, you were informed that the AWS platform team consists of a Database Administrator, System Administrator, Network Engineer, Application Owner, Security Analyst and Incident Responder. You will now have to create and execute a cloud incident response runbook for a compromised database administrator account.

Facing the challenges of an expanded attack surface, increased security complexity, and an advanced threat landscape, seven out of eight (87%) organizations have a dedicated security architect.

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